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A Brief History of Valentines Day
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Valentine’s Day originated as a religious feast day for Western Christians. Many early martyrs of the faith were named Valentine, a few of which were born in the month of February. The Church calendar of the time period had no feast days that month so it was an easy decision. There are several Orthodox Christians who still celebrate it as a feast day even now.

Association with Romantic Love

It was Chaucer in the 14th century that first connected the date with romance. He referred to a note expressing love in one of his works as a Valentine. February 14th was commemorated for the next three centuries with notes and poems sent be admirers. Those were actually quite similar to the paper Valentines school children in many countries exchange today.


The current tradition of giving a sweetheart Valentine's Day Flowers was first introduced in 18th century England. From that point, it did not take long for the day to be commercialized to include balloons, chocolates, and jewelry. Deep red roses are the most common type of flower to give on February 14th, but a full-service florist will be able to offer a variety of flowers in Tampa to send or deliver to a significant other.

Showing Originality

Roses are so typically associated with Valentine’s Day that they are almost ordinary. Traditionalists will stick to roses, no doubt, which is not a bad idea. It is just not very original. Go for something wild and unexpected, like Birds of Paradise, or colorful and fun like multiple colors of carnations or daisies in a bouquet.

Those wishing the token to last longer can opt for live plants as gifts. The wide selection of plants, planters, and add-on elements means no two gifts will be the same. A bonsai tree is a wonderful choice or a cactus garden for the loved one who has no luck with plants. That will stay alive with minimal attention and water.

Selection Assistance

People who are unsure about what flowers or plants will thrive in the climate can ask a Tampa florist for advice and recommendations. Glass flowers are another beautiful gift that will delight the recipient and last a lifetime. Flower paintings, garden decor, and hand-painted watering cans are unique and can be found at an experienced florist, such as Carrollwood Florist. Shopping at a local florist is a quick way to explore all the items offered, so keep them in mind for other occasions throughout the year.

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